• study for WARSUBEC

  • study for WARSUBEC

  • red lacewing butterfly egg, Martin Oeggerli

  • Beijing national aquatics center or Water Cube, China

  • Millepora alcicornis (Branching Fire Coral)

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wood, iron, polyurethane, polyester
314 x 1222 x 647 cm
123.6 x 481.1 x 254.7 inches


With WARSUBEC, the artist has realized his first work on an architectural scale. On top of two buildings in Ghent, right and left of a passageway leading into a courtyard, sit two mirrored frameworks. They have a net-structure with rounded edges and a bright yellow, glossy finish. If one only saw this sculpture on photos, one might think that it was just another clever computer rendering. Like many of Ervinck's creations, it is difficult to find a concise description for WARSUBEC, because the work has so many connotations. It is obviously a net- or mesh-structure, but it also bears a certain resemblance to the artist's earlier coral studies. At the same time, however, WARSUBEC might also be an abstract high-tech descendant of similarly smooth, round-edged sculptures by Henry Moore or Hans Arp. In a less art historical way, one might also recognize a similarity to bone- or even cell-structures, turning the objects into virus-like growths on top of the old building. WARSUBEC oscillates between the antagonistic architectural worlds of box and blob. It can be read as a blob on top of a box, but it can also be seen as a box itself, containing a multitude of blobby voids. In this sense, it fits perfectly into Ervinck's constantly evolving fluid universe.

2011   Lichtfestival Gent, Zebrastraat - Gent, BE
2009   WARSUBEC, New Zebra - Gent, BE 2009
2008   Update II, Award New Media Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Zebrastraat - Gent, BE