Fostering a cross-pollination between the digital and the physical, Nick Ervinck (°1981, Belgium) explores the boundaries between various media.
Studio Nick Ervinck applies tools and techniques from new media, in order to explore the aesthetic potential of sculpture, 3D prints installation, architecture and design. Through his divergent practice, a strong fascination with the construction of space is noticeable.
Not only does Nick Ervinck focus on the autonomous sculptural object, he also questions its spatial positioning and points to the phenomenological experience and embodiment of space. Ervinck's work in short oscillates between the static and the dynamic, prospecting new virtual or utopian territories.


Nick Ervinck creates huge installations, sculptures, prints, work drawings and animated films. For several years he participated in many individual projects and group shows. Recently he showed work at Ars Electronica Linz, CBK Emmen, Beelden aan Zee Den Haag, Bozar Brussels and LABoral Gijon. His work has been exhibited at MOCA Shanghai, MARTA Herford, Kunstverein Ahlen, Koraalberg Antwerp, Zebrastraat Ghent, HISK Ghent, Odette Ostend, Superstories Hasselt, Brakke Grond Amsterdam, MAMA Rotterdam and Telic Art Exchange Los Angeles/Berlin.
In 2005, he received the Godecharle prize for Sculpture, to be followed by the Mais prize of the City of Brussels and the Prize for Visual Art of West-Flanders in 2006. In 2008, Ervinck was a laureate of the Rodenbach Fonds  Award, and he won the audience award for new media at Foundation Liedts-Meesen.