• study for TSENABO

  • Spiderman: Web of Shadows, EA Games, 2008

  • tree roots

  • Ta Som temple, Ankor Wat, Cambodia

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TSENABO, 2011 - 2013
405 x 717 x 590 cm
159.4 x 282.3 x 232.3 inches


TSENABO was specially designed for this place; an entrance of a hospital. At first side, the sculpture has some resemblance with a tree gone wild or a death abstract body which has been recovered by the organic, fluid and vivid yellow texture. Pushed on upwards, this dead organic material seems to recover in living substance. The empty holes are a crucial part of the sculpture. Like Henry Moore, Nick Ervinck tries to play with the emptiness to give the structure a new dimension. The structure looks like the result of natural erosion, like seawater does with rocks. While the shiny material and the bold color gives it the effect of an artefact. This yellow expressive sculpture intrigues from any angle and contributes to the atmosphere of the place. TSENABO has a lot in common with EGNABO. For both sculptures Nick Ervinck was inspired by Eastern (Chinese rocks) and Western (blob architecture) shapes. Following the newest designing processes, he builds upon the classic sculpting techniques as well.

2013   TSENABO, Sint-Andriesziekenhuis - Tielt, BE 2013