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NESURAK, 2016 - 2017
3D print
104 x 49 x 54 cm
40.9 x 19.3 x 21.3 inches


By combining fragmentary elements from the past with a futuristic imagery, a fascinating cyborg-sculpture came into being. Nick Ervinck incorporates past, present and future in this sculpture. At the same time, the work can be placed in an ancient sculptural tradition because of the similarities with the classical portrait bust. With its majestic posture, impressive armour and piercing gaze, NESURAK towers over the visitor as a heroic god statue from the future. The surreal image entails a certain mythical power by referring to knights, science fiction and manga figures. While designing the sculpture, Nick Ervinck was inspired by robots, aliens, monsters and mysterious creatures that were created by artists like H. R. Giger, creatures that play the leading role in many science fiction movies in the struggle for dominion over the earth. On the other hand, the geometric yet monumental visual language refers to the traditional helmets, jewellery and images from ancient cultures, such as the masks and sculptures from the Inca and Mayan culture. Multiple fragmentary pieces and hundreds of hours of manual computer-aided drawing were needed to achieve this impressive sculpture. Through the use of the latest computer software and 3D printing techniques, Nick Ervinck is able to design and execute the complex work. The visual language catches the eye of the visitors, as if their gaze seems to get lost in the structures and shapes. Because of the visual appealing design, the works can be viewed from different angles and perspectives.

2021   GNI-RI may2021, From knight to cyborg, Häme Castle - National Museum of Finland - Hämeenlinna, FI
2020   Dutch Design Week, - Eindhoven, NL 2019
2019   Beyond the skin, Museum Villa Rot - Burgrieden – Rot, DE
2017   GNI-RI sep2017, AXIOM, Hiromi Yoshii - Tokyo, JP