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SLS 3D print
44 x 44 x 34 cm
17.3 x 17.3 x 13.4 inches


Silver KOLEKNAT is a monster. The monstrous is a hybrid that usually combines multiple identities and that has fascinated humankind from the early ages onwards. It is clearly animal-like, but at the same time impossible to define. There are porcupine, but also insect-like elements in KOLEKNAT. The creature seems to act as a predator. KOLEKNAT is monstrous in other respects as well, for instance in its diluting of different media. It is exactly this crossover and the doubt that comes with it that is intriguing and that Nick Ervinck constantly returns to when he is looking for the subtle border between abstraction and figuration, the suggestion rather than the definition. Ervinck is fascinated by the possibility that children, in the future, might create their pets out of a mix of artificial, biological and robotic elements. The desire to create non-existing animals is clearly related to the 'God games' he liked to play as a child. These games reveal a basic human need to keep control over our surroundings and the need to reconstruct the past. There is this age old strange mixture of wanting to keep life under control, combined with this headstrong need for fantasy. Creating monsters thus is our human condition. You can see this in cave drawings and fairytales, image puzzles and 3D games. Ervinck likes to connect this to his love for science fiction and games as well. So the idea of the monsters goes from mythological animals to Xmen, Batman, Superman, Stargate, Aliens, cyborgs, robots, the Hulk, Frankenstein, …

2018   3D-Art exhibition. "Art meets engineering", The university of applied sciences - Krefeld, DE
2016   Art, Wine & Dine, Erich-Brost-Pavillon - Essen, DE 07/10/2016
Mind 2 Machine 2 Material: Technology and Sculpture Today, Northern Arizona University Art Museum - Flagstaff, USA
2014   GO3D, Muscom - Den Haag, NL
GNI-RI feb2014, De Mijlpaal - Heusden-Zolder, BE
2013   3D Print show, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, FR
3D Print show, The Business Design Center - London, UK
Kortrijk vlaandert, Budafabriek - Kortrijk, BE
XYZ, CNCPT13 - Amsterdam, NL
2012   GNI-RI jun2012, Kasteel Beauvoorde - Beauvoorde, BE
2010   GNI-RI oct2010, Sequence #7, Koraalberg - Antwerpen, BE
Cuesta 10, - Tielt, BE
Now & Then, Koraalberg - Antwerpen, BE