• wooden frame, Malaysia

  • Japanese interior

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GNI_D_GH_53_dec2003, 2003
print mounted on pvc
80 x 109 cm, framed 104 x 133 cm
31.5 x 42.9 inches, framed 40.9 x 52.4 inches


GNI_D_GH_53_DEC2003 is one of Ervinck’s first computer-generated drawings. This drawing gives a peep-in in a room filled with objects originating from Ervinck’s imagination. A wooden case holds a peculiar blob-shape with an antler. Surrounding the cascet are pedestals holding remains and fragments referring to other works. This drawing is of crucial importance in Ervinck’s oeuvre, as it indicates a mental shift: this is the first computer-generated drawing which hasn’t been (and which did not need to be) realised in the physical world.

2008   G58-G58 Mass-akker, Verbeke Foundation - Kemzeke, BE