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AGRIENANUH, 2009 - 2016
51 x 36 cm, framed 69 x 54 cm
20.1 x 14.2 inches, framed 27.2 x 21.3 inches


For AGRIENANUH, Nick Ervinck used imagery of human organs that he found in medical manuals as construction materials to create an organic form, a larynx (or voice box) 'gone wild'. Though imaginary, AGRIENANUH seems to retain some familiarity due to its visual connection to human organs, muscles, nerves, etc. Any coherent organization or structure, however, is lacking. The image becomes ungraspable, hovering in a virtual, potential or science-fictional world.

2019   Nick Ervinck, Eerste Lijn, Geel Goed, VIVE - Wetteren, BE